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The company PTCHEM Sulfurex, s.r.o. (located in Dubova, Nemecka, Slovakia) is the sole manufacturer of DUBACID in Slovakia.

Construction of the chemical industrial complex began in 1935 in the Low Tatras Valley, serving as the foundation for a LABSA manufacturing factory established in 1993.

Today, PTCHEM Sulfurex, s.r.o. operates as an independent business, focusing on the industrial-scale production of high-quality Linear Alkylbenzene Sulphonic Acid (LABSA). The factory’s monthly output starts at 1000 tons, with Sulfurex’s main objective being the manufacture of the highest quality LABSA.

Becoming a customer of PTCHEM Sulfurex ensures a guaranteed supply of LABSA fully compliant with international quality standards.

For DUBACID purchases or price quotations, please contact PTCHEM Sulfurex; we will be happy to provide actual quotes!

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DUBACID also known as LABSA, ABSA (alkylbenzene sulphonic acid) is a valuable organic compound.
DUBACID is obtained by sulfonation of linear alkylbenzene and utilized as a core component in the manufacturing of detergents, surfactants for ore cleaning, rubber mix modifiers, and as a foaming agent in producing urea formaldehyde foam and foamed plastic.


Linear DDB LABS sodium as neutralized paste – 50%

SLES 70%

Sodium lauryl ether sulfate 70%

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